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Lots of young people write in with different questions about relationships, sex and their faith. Often they feel that they don't have anyone to go to for advise or they feel too embarrassed to ask. We wanted to create a space where you can ask questions anonymously and see what other young people are struggling with. 

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Does blood come out the first time you have sex?

It can do. The first time you have sex the hymen which is a small flap of skin that is around the entrance to the vagina, can be broken. If it is then the girl or woman can bleed. However there are lots of different things that may cause the hymen to break including, riding a bike, or a horse, or using tampons, so not everyone bleeds when they first have sex.

What is a blow job?

A blow job is a slang word for oral sex. It is when one person sexually stimulates another person’s penis with their mouth.

You can still catch an STI from a blow job, so check out our page on contraception to find out ways to help protect yourself. 

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is where a penis or other object is put into the anus or rectum of a recipient partner. It is often associated with male homosexuality, however, any sexuality and gender can have anal sex and not all homosexuals choose to have anal sex.

It is important to use contraception when having anal sex to help prevent against STIs. You can find out more about contraception here.

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Is it possible to lose your virginity while having sex on your period?

Yes, if you have sex then that means you will lose your virginity. You can also get pregnant if you have sex during your period.

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Why do people have sex even though it hurts?

Sex may be painful for a number of reasons, either because it is an experience the body is not used to, perhaps the person is tense and unable to relax, perhaps there is not enough lubrication being used or because there is something that needs a doctor’s advice, e.g. sexually transmitted infection.