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Other Questions and Answers

How far does the penis go into the vagina?

That depends on a number of things. How long the penis is, how big the vagina is and how hard the man pushes into the vagina. The couple need to work out what is comfortable for the pair of them, but the vagina is a very elastic part of the body and is designed to stretch to accommodate a penis as well as enlarge enough to allow a baby to be born. Aren’t bodies wonderful?!Find out more about sex here.

If a couple have sex and then the boy leaves the girl, what can she do?

If someone decides to finish a relationship, regardless of what has happened or how much hurt it causes, there is not much the partner can do about it. Sometimes people think that the relationship is going to last forever and often feel closer to someone if they have sex, however if both partners don’t feel the same then someone is likely to get hurt. (more…)

Does blood come out the first time you have sex?

It can do. The first time you have sex the hymen which is a small flap of skin that is around the entrance to the vagina, can be broken. If it is then the girl or woman can bleed. However there are lots of different things that may cause the hymen to break including, riding a bike, or a horse, or using tampons, so not everyone bleeds when they first have sex.

What is a blow job?

A blow job is a slang word for oral sex. It is when one person sexually stimulates another person’s penis with their mouth.

You can still catch an STI from a blow job, so check out our page on contraception to find out ways to help protect yourself.