Sex within a faith setting is often a taboo subject. Parents feel embarrassed to talk about it, faith leaders seldom teach about it and yet it is something that takes up much thought during teenage years especially.

FRYP has been designed as a comprehensive relationships website for young people, so therefore will contain information about sex as well as other aspects of relationships.

If you are unsure about what your faith group teaches about sex you can take a look at this article or go to our what faith groups believe section.

Most world religions teach that sex is a good thing, but should only be practiced within marriage. This means that followers should not have sex before marriage and also not have sex with anyone except their husband or wife once they are married.

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The information found in this section of the website may be something that is interesting but not relevant to you at the moment. However, accurate information and the chance to think through the issues involved with relationships and sex will equip you for life, not just for now.

Abstinence is the self denial of something including sex until marriage.

How does pregnancy happen? Find out about the biology side of sex and pregnancy.

Contraception is the name we give anything that tries to avoid pregnancy and STIs.

Sexually Transmitted Infections are diseases passed on through intimate sexual contact.

Peer pressure is when you feel like you have to do something because everyone else is doing it.

Pornography is a picture, magazine, or video that is sexually explicit and is used for sexual satisfaction.

When is it not OK? If you choose to have sex, that’s your choice. But what about when it isn’t actually a thought out decision?