Getting Help

This page provides links to organisations who can provide help for yourself or someone you know.

Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CEDCOW)

Canning Town Enterpriseand Resource Centre
Unit 13 Canning Town Business Centre
85 Tarling Road,London E16 1HN
Telephone 020 7366 6343


Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD)

Suite2.1 Chandelier Building, 2nd Floor
8 Scrubs Lane,LondonNW10 6RB

FGM National Clinical Group

University College London Hospital NHS Trust
2nd Floor West
250 Euston Road,LondonNW1 2PG


World Health Organization (WHO)

It is a criminal offence to perform FGM here in the UK, or to take UK nationals and UK permanent residents to a different country to have FGM performed. Any person who is convicted of this offence is liable to serve up to 14 years in prison. Any girl or woman has a legal right to be protected against FGM and can seek help from agencies specialising in this area, the police in this country and from the British Embassy or High Commission in other countries.