Masturbation can be embarrassing to discuss, as faith communities tend not to talk about it. During puberty, many boys and girls experiment with masturbation as they discover how their maturing bodies work and what things are becoming pleasurable.

Some people see it as quite a normal part of growing up. However for many it can become a guilty secret, especially if it something that you have not heard talked about in your faith community.

There is often a difference between what a religion teaches about this subject and whether it is culturally accepted. Understand too that your parents may have felt guilty about this when they were your age.


Whatever you decide, it is important to know two things:

1. It is normal and not harmful. It will not turn you blind or make you infertile, as some people say.

2. There are places where it is not appropriate. Also masturbation and thinking about sex can take over too much of your time and thoughts. Remember you are a whole person made up of many elements and your sexuality is just one of them.