"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt

My Self 

Did you know that there is no-one like you in the whole world? Even if you have an identical twin, your iris pattern and fingerprints will be different. You are unique and special. Personality, upbringing, culture, religion, sexuality, life experience and physical body are all part of who you are.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. How you approach all other relationships will depend on how you think about yourself.  If you are confident and accepting of who you are, then you are more able to deal with stressful relationships and enjoy positive ones.

Our bodies are created with all sorts of great design features. Brains to think, mouths to talk, ears to listen and arms to hug each other, we weren’t created just to live our lives - we were made for relationships, both platonic and sexual.


There are some parts of our bodies that we don't really talk about so much. This can be because we or other people are too embarrassed to talk about them. We were all created with either a penis or vagina, but even though we all have one or the other it's not a well discussed subject. This is especially true for people of faith as our bodies and sexuality can often be seen negatively even though it is something very pure and special when put in the right context. It is only natural to be curious about our bodies after all we spend all day every day with them, so we should know what does what and why.


Body Image

How do you see yourself? Is how you look important? How do you deal with the world telling you how to be?


Media Pressure

Media is all around us. It is our films, T.V, it is on the internet and on adverts which we see every day. Media is almost impossible to avoid. With media everywhere how does it effect you?


Eating Disorders

From anorexia to bulimia, eating disorders are more common than you might think. Find out more about them and the help you can get.


Girls and Puberty

Periods, boobs, crushes... puberty can be a confusing time for everyone. We are here to help make it a little easier.


Boys and Puberty

Squeeky voice, wet dreams, body hair... puberty can be a confusing time for everyone. We are here to help make it a little easier



Masturbation is one of those topics which people don't want to talk about but most people have tried. We want to help you find your own answers to whether or not it is ok.