101 Ways to Say I Love You

This list of ‘101 ways to say I love you’ was compiled whilst at fresher’s fairs in Newham colleges and University of East London.


Each year we hold a competition to find the best idea to show someone you love them, without having sex. It helps people to think about romance and ways in which they can show their appreciation or love for someone in creatively. You may be able to think about how you can say those ‘three little words’ in special ways too.

1. Create a night filled with their favourite things- food/music/movie

2. Write a poem

3. Moonlit picnic

4. Foot massage/rub

5. Tickets to see a favourite band

6. Sharing chocolates

7. Collect memorable things eg: cinema tickets and make a memory box or scrapbook

8. Let them have the last slice of your favourite cake

9. Make a treasure hunt with each clue being to somewhere that has meant something to you both

10. Walk in the park

11. Buy them a copy of their favourite magazine

12. Hot air balloon ride

13. Watching the sunset

14. Saying "I love you" in a different language

15. Walk in the summer rain

16. Cook a romantic meal

17. Bake a cake

18. Send a text message

19. Send 101 flowers

20. Holdings hands

21. Organise a firework display

22. Surprise them with a luxurious breakfast

23. Sing a love song

24. Write a love letter

25. Kiss on the forehead

26. Buy inexpensive gifts

27. Spend time together

28. Simply say "I love you"

29. Give him/her a hug

30. Make him/her laugh

31. If money is no object a romantic meal in a "posh" restaurant

32. Be attentive to their needs

33. Go to the cinema to see their kind of film

34. Supporting them even when it seems insignificant

35. Show them respect

36. Make a card for them

37. Treat them to a day doing all their favourite things

38. After a date, make sure she gets home safely

39. Take a boat trip along the Thames

40. Let them rest in your arms without saying a word

41. Propose to him/her

42. Take a keen interest in their hobbies

43. Sky writing "I love you" in brackets

44. Do the Washing up

45. Do a bungee jump shouting "I love you"

46. Being there for them during the hard times

47. Rent a movie

48. Make popcorn together

49. Make them paper flowers

50. Make a cup of tea or coffee without being asked

51. Just spending time together

52. Sacrificing your own preference to make them happy

53. Support them in what they need to do

54. Doing the housework without being asked

55. Tell them they are special and unique everyday

56. Scatter home made love hearts around the room

57. Make them beans on toast if that's all you can cook

58. Looking after them when they are ill and telling them you love them even though they may look rough!

59. Washing their socks and undies

60. Making eye contact with them

61. Take them with you to church/mosque/temple

62. Make a list of all the positive things you love about them and give it to them

63. Talking together

64. Trust each other

65. Tell them you love them every day

66. Be a best friend

67. Tell them they are beautiful

68. A kiss and a hug every day

69. Read poetry to them

70. Leave little gifts all around for them

71. Tell them a joke

72. Smile

73. Leave an "I love you" message as a screensaver on their computer

74. Introduce them to your friends and family

75. Put a message on a big screen in a public place

76. Listen to them whilst they let off steam

77. Slap them on the butt an say "Hey SXC"

78. Watch them play sport (even if you don't like it!)

79. Bring them their favourite cookies

80. Buy her a ring

81. Take them to Burger King

82. Make them a piece of peanut butter on toast then draw a heart on it with strawberry jam

83. Walk along a beach

84. If you are artistic do a portrait of them

85. Talk about your feelings and emotions

86. Be flirtatious with each other

87. Cuddle up together

88. Get the DJ to play your partners favourite track

89. Gaze lovingly into each others eyes

90. Pay each other compliments

91. Go sightseeing together

92. Be faithful to each other

93. Go horse riding

94. Pray together

95. Leave a single flower with a note on their pillow

96. Always kiss each other goodnight

97. Look at the stars together

98. Secretly put a love note in their bag or pocket

99. Make a CD of their favourite music

100. Share your dreams for the future

101. A romantic weekend away in Paris