No Problem Here

‘Why worry about this – it isn’t a problem for us.’

Important sources for writing FRYP are those who are involved in the NewISH (Newham Interfaith Sexual Health) forum. They have seen a growing number of young people of faith seeking help either with an unplanned pregnancy or with sexual health issues. It is clear that increasing numbers of young people of faith (including those from all religions) are sexually active.


Our interviews with faith leaders show that some are reluctant to acknowledge this.

It isn't a problem for our community; our young people are like brother and sister until they are married. (Sikh community leader)

I know that my 17-year-old son has never thought about sex, because he is filled with the Spirit. (Christian minister)

They (young people) know that you just don't do it until you are married. (Muslim cleric)

As a result young people often feel they cannot discuss relationships and sex within their faith group, so instead they get their advice and information about such things from the internet, or from friends at school. This information can be inaccurate, and not supportive to them as young people of faith.