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Other Questions and Answers

Why are some men circumcised?

There are normally two reasons for a man to be circumcised: for medical reasons or for religious reasons. Some religions, such as Islam and Judaism, say that their men should be circumcised. This normally happens when they are young babies.

My boyfriend pinched my nipple, is that bad?

Actually it sounds painful. The real question is why did he do it? Was it to hurt you? If so then yes, it was bad. Was it to give you pleasure? Then only you can decide whether it was something which you enjoyed.

If you are in a situation that your husband is abusing you, but you feel you can’t leave what should you do?

Unfortunately, domestic violence is common today, but abuse is abuse even if it occurs in the home, and the police have powers to act in these cases. Many people however, don’t want to involve the police, as they may still love their spouse and don’t want to get them into trouble. They may also worry that it may reflect badly on the family and in some communities there is pressure to stay in a relationship, especially a marriage, even if there is abuse. (more…)

Am I too young to have lesbian sex?

If either person is under the age of sixteen then it is illegal for them to have sex, even lesbian sex. It is unlikely that someone would be prosecuted for under age sex (if they were similar in age, both were consenting to the relationship and neither was seen as vulnerable) but it is important to remember that the law is there to protect young people. Apart from the legal side of things, it is important that people make up their own mind about when it is right to have sex. (more…)