About FRYP

The FRYP (Faith, Relationships, and Young People) website is here to empower young people to be true to themselves as young people of faith. We hope that the information and support that this website provides can help young people make intelligent and spiritually sensitive choices about relationships and sex.


FRYP was developed by the NewISH (Newham Interfaith Sexual Health) Forum, which began its work in 2008 and consists of service providers, education professionals, local council representatives, and faith and voluntary groups. NewISH seeks to provide an open and shared space to discuss the issues faced by young people of faith, particularly focusing on relationships and sexuality.

The site is split into three sections: Young PeopleFaith Communities and Professionals. The aim of the Faith Communities and Professionals sections is to help bridge the gap between adults and young people, to enable them to better understand the pressures young people are dealing with, and to empower faith communities and professionals to give young people the support they need.


Why develop a website?

The dilemma for young people was summed up in the heart-felt cries of a sixteen year old girl. She was committed to her faith, but still collapsed into the arms of her youth worker sobbing, "I just don't know who I am. I have to be one thing at school and someone different at home."

She is just one of a growing group of young people who are committed to their faith, but find the pressure on them from the media, friends and society in general to be overwhelming and often at odds with their religious teachings. They struggle to stand up for what they believe in against an onslaught of images and concepts thrown at them daily. They feel isolated and unsupported, as often faith groups show little understanding or give no support to young people in this situation.

Relationship and sex education generally tends to be focused on "safer sex," usually not even presenting abstinence as an option. This puts Young People of Faith into a very difficult position. If they are seeking to only have sex within marriage, they are at times seen by health professionals as naïve and can be accused of being frigid by their peers - neither of which is true, but can leave them feeling very confused and isolated.

Unfortunately Faith Leaders and parents tend to shy away from talking about issues and say "It's simple - just don't do it". This is a rather simplistic approach and demonstrates a lack of understanding. Young people need answers to their questions that are informative, yet sensitive and supportive of their faith or belief system.

FRYP seeks to be a sensitive and supportive place where young people can find information and have their questions answered, a place where they are encouraged and empowered to make intelligent and informed decisions about who they are, what they believe and what they want for their life of faith.